Our Philosophy

Markets, if you can do it right, are built to help you succeed. In fact, markets have risen over the past 100+ years, in spite of wars, recessions, oil shocks, inflation and in spite of all the politicians in Congress and the White House, because population has been rising and technology has been advancing.

These two underlying factors, (growing demand and the increased productivity to which improving technologies lead), have made the biggest difference to patient, focused and disciplined investors over the long-term. If investors have been careful in their selections and have kept their costs down, then it's likely that their results have been appealing.

Very importantly to you, population growth and technological advances are still in place to help you grow your assets and streams of income today. In order to benefit, today’s investors still have to be patient, focused and disciplined, while working with experienced advisors who help you keep your costs down so your compounding can be higher.


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We invest in the same recommendations we make for clients. Secondly, we are happy to show you our personal accounts. There is no cost or obligation for this. We want you to see that  we not only make the recommendations, but we put our own money to work next to yours, if the investments are suitable for you, because we believe in the opportunities we see. 

Our Strategy

As mentioned, we believe population is going to rise, and that technology will continue to advance at an increasing pace. Consequently, our goal is to invest your assets in ways that will take advantage of those trends.

One opportunity we have had our clients consider, pending their approval of the strategy, places them at what we regard as the center of the growth of the internet and the growth of the global economy, simultaneously.  This recommendation, for suitable clients, also offers good current income from the company’s dividends.

Further, we use mutual funds to reduce volatility for clients who are not comfortable with the gyrations stock markets often experience, especially in focused investment accounts. When we add this kind of diversification, it can help patient investors take advantage of the two primary trends we see: the growth of the world’s middle class by 1-2 billion people in the next 10-15 years, according to American Funds research, and the advent of artificial intelligence.

Please be certain to call us with any questions you may have: 515-218-9024

McLaughlin Investment
Office: 515.218.9024 Cell: 515.778.0047
Fax: 515.989.6118
2015 Grand Avenue., Suite 101 Des Moines, Iowa 50312

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