Wakonda Club, Client Appreciation Event, May, 2018

Special Guests: Bruce Kelley, Steve Walsh, & Jeff Olson

Bruce Kelley, President, Chief Executive Officer and Treasurer has been with EMC Insurance for 30 plus years, having several years of law practice as well. On the left, Bruce is talking with clients about EMC Insurance’s corporate structure, increasing stockholder dividend and value, as well as projected outcomes and goals for the future. His speech was followed by Steve Walsh, who is the Director of Investor Relations and has been with EMC Insurance for some time as well.

Wakonda Club, Client Appreciation Event, October, 2017

Special Guests: Steve Lacy, Lyle & Scott Simpson

Wonderful gathering at the Wakonda Club getting to hear from Meredith Corporation’s Chairman and CEO, Steve Lacy. We were also very delighted to hear from Lyle & Scott Simpson, two of Iowa’s foremost trust attorneys on the use of trusts and protecting assets from unnecessary taxation. Such an informative event surrounded by wonderful company!