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Growth, along with streams of income, are available to patient, disciplined and thoughtful investors. In addition, we strive to position clients who are suitable at the center of the growth of the internet and the global economy. Further, we want you to appreciate the opportunities presented by the American Funds’ market research, which indicates that 1-2 billion people will enter the middle class in just the next 10-15 years, and that the advent of artificial intelligence could make a new set of investment opportunities available to those who are suitable and can be patient, disciplined and discerning.
Our efforts and recommendations are centered on making certain you have enough money to meet your needs. We also want to make certain that you will have enough money to meet your goals for retirement, educating children, or grandchildren, medical needs and travel, among others. So we want you to share information on your needs and your goals with us. If it’s at all possible, we want to make certain you never run out of money, and that you never become a burden to your loved ones.
Our philosophy is that the stock market is built for you to succeed if you can be patient, disciplined and discerning, as mentioned above. Additionally, you have to focus on economic areas and businesses you understand, or work with someone who will, and whom you can trust. In many cases we use mutual funds for clients who are not comfortable with focused portfolios. Mutual funds can diversify a portfolio and reduce volatility. After all, the stock market can be a lot like the rodeo because you don’t make money getting on…only if you can stay on, which is a big part of what we do for our clients. Then you can have an almost automatic advantage over people who read an article and decide to try something, or who invest based on emotions, (“I gotta get me some of this.”).
Additionally, you don’t have to pay 1-2% annual fees to invest at McLaughlin Investment. If your expenses are a concern and have been affecting your investment results, ask us about this important advantage in keeping your costs down. Typically we work on a commission basis so you pay only when buying, or selling a security. Our goal is to keep your returns up by keeping your costs down with our patient buy-and-hold approach.

Finally, we make our living by making money for you. Clients who like their results tend to send us more of their own money, and valuable referrals of friends and family who need to build assets and streams of income. Very importantly, we handle your problems as cheerfully as we handle purchases and sales of securities in your accounts, and we do it at no additional charge.

Please be certain to call us with any questions you may have:

McLaughlin Investment Axioms

  • You’re never too old, nor too young, to invest.
  • No amount of investment is too small.
  • Markets are built for you to succeed if you can be patient, disciplined and discerning.
  • Investment doesn’t require trading or expensive fees.

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Kevin McLaughlin

Kevin McLaughlin - Financial Advisor

"At McLaughlin Investment, we want to meet the challenges you face by building your assets and streams of income to fit your needs, whether you are young and getting started; somewhere in between, or you are already retired.

Secondly, we don't charge fees in order to keep your costs down, and your returns as high as possible. You may agree that if you intend to make money, the first way to do it is to watch your expenses."

~KEVIN McLAUGHLIN, Financial Advisor

Please contact us if you would like a portfolio review which will be done at no cost or obligation.

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